The HUB provides a collection of teaching materials developed in the KI4All project. Information on the project can be found at


Fig. 1 The HUB brings together students and lecturers from different displicines in order to foster interdisciplinary education and research.#

For Lecturers#

You want to publish your microcredit or add an AI related lecture to our HUB? Great!

  • To add microcredits, please send a short description in the required markdown format shown below to

  • To add AI related lectures, please send the name of the lecture, faculty and link to the module handbook to the email address indicated above.

## Name-of-microcredit

Content and Learning Objectives:
Content and learning goals (objectives) of the microcredit in a continuous text.
Please avoid using bullet points and please use max. 700 characters. 

Learning goals can be descriped using phrases such as „After completion (of this microcredit), 
students know/are able to/have developed/can explain/use/can describe/can define…“. 

Keywords should be highlighted by apostrophes at the beginning and the end e.g. `catchy keywords`.

Check out or
git clone

Possible previous microcredits: Name of microcredit, if it is a basic microcredit then left out
Possible next microcredits: Name of microcredit, if not existing then left out

**Extent: 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 ECTS**\
**Responsible: Institute, University, Faculty, Contact Person**


  • Please choose a licence file in your public git repository that you are referencing!

  • To ensure a smooth execution of any jupyternotebook on the TU BS Jupyterhub, please make sure that you have a suitable python environment installed, that you refer to in your microcredit description.